Hi, I'm Sharon, and this is Rude Yoga Healing. 


I’m a yogi, a heart-warrior, wild woman healer, storyteller, seer, intuitive, and an empath. I'm also incredibly down to earth, understanding, patient, and I like to think that I'm pretty funny. 

Along the road of my healing story, I’ve learned that there are two major ingredients for any kind of healing work, to well, work. The true desire to feel better and the willingness to learn true compassion for yourself, especially during the darker days of life.

Change isn’t hard, it’s just extremely uncomfortable. But I’ve learned that the discomfort of breaking old ties is always worth it. Along the way I had to develop real patience with myself, since I have a tendency to learn things the hard way. And that makes the second ingredient of healing so important, more than just self love, but true open hearted compassion for yourself is needed, especially for us slow learners. 

There’s actually a third and also very important ingredient to any healing work, and that’s collecting tools for your spiritual toolbox.

What I hope to do here at Rude Yoga is to share my story and offer some of my favorite tools that have helped me heal and work with what I generally refer to as my anxiety and trauma, but includes so much more than that. In my work, I am called to serve others in the way so many have helped me, by holding space for you to be messy, to be seen and to offer you guidance as you discover and unravel your own experiences and forge your own path forward. 

Rude Yoga Philosophy

Everyone has their own path. Take what you like here and leave the rest behind.

I believe that as human beings we were born into this life to evolve, learn and to find true connection to self; as well as spirit or whatever you want to call it: the Universe, Goddess, Nature, Love those are just some of the words on my list, to refer to the universal life force energy, the stuff that’s bigger than just us humans. The spark of life that we bow to when we say "Namaste."

I believe that we were put here to reconnect to that energy, to serve and to remember, to reunite, to yoga. Yoga was my spiritual gateway drug, yours may be breathwork or meditation, or playing music, or laughter, or journaling, etc. 

All of my work is intuitively guided. The tools I use come from many backgrounds and studies in Bhakti Yoga, Tarot, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Lunar Cycles, Nature, Reiki, Breathwork and self study.

In a nutshell, I believe in magic.

Oh yeah, and I believe that laughter is the best medicine of all and so my sessions are often filled with light hearted humor. 

If you’d like to read more about my journey and get all the juicy details and some of my aha moments through storytelling, visit the blog.

Lastly, I do not have all the answers.  If I feel I can help you I will, and if I feel that it's beyond my tools and experience, I will be happy to refer you to my mentor or aid you in finding a doctor. In my own experience I have found that we often need a team of helpers, and I'd love to be on your team.





Photo by Nomi Ellenson

Photo by Nomi Ellenson

We’re all just walking each other home
— Ram Dass

What is Rude Yoga?

I started Rude Yoga as a way to give back. When I reflect back on the teachers and healers that have helped transform my pain into wisdom I am completely humbled in gratitude. So now I want to help others do the same thing. Wounded warriors are so often the best teachers, and through this healing journey I have learned to love all my parts, good, bad, and ugly. Through one on one private sessions of a mix of breathwork, reiki, tarot readings, energy cleansing, and a sprinkling of humor and TLC I hope to help individuals find their way back to themselves, to healthier and more joyful lives and aid them in anyway that I can on their journey through this lifetime. 

After all, the word yoga means to reunite, so through different healing modalities as well as intuitive guidance, we'll build a framework for your healing and reunion with yourself, your inner child, your inner wisdom, YOU.

So what's so rude about yoga?

Nothing. Everything. Haha. It's mostly a play on words of my last name. But, I also have a tendency to bring some light heartedness and laughter to this practice.  It can be fun. I promise.

Certifications & Training:

  • 200hr YTT - Yoga Vida with Syama & Dhyana Masla
  • 25hr - Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasitor
  • Breathwork Healer Training 1-3 with David Elliot 
  • Breathwork Healer Training 1 with Erin Telford
  • Wild Soul Tarot Mentorship with Lindsay Mack
  • Reiki 1 Certification -Maha Rose Center for Healing
  • 36hr - Bhakti 101 - The Bhakti Center