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Heart Medicine - Spring 2018

This is a gathering for anyone looking to heal, expand and invite more love and space into their lives. Using the group energy, we’ll dive into an exploration of opening ourselves up to source energy, to universal love. When we’re full of this type of energy, we are able to give and receive without attachment and without depletion or excess. We can drop old habits more easily and invite more ease and alignment into our lives. This is a gathering for anyone looking to release, connect, and get closer to their own precious heart.

What’s breathwork? If you’ve never done it with me I think the best way to describe it is an active meditation. Unlike a sitting practice, this is done laying down but breathing in a consistent rhythm that helps move and release all the bullishit you’ve been holding on to for probably way too long. There’s two parts, breathing/ working part and then the second part is a restorative section where often people get some clarity, a feeling of release and most definitely a peaceful feeling overall. It's the icing on the cupcake, as my teacher says.

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