Yesterday at brunch I not only indulged in amazing foods and treats but I also had a great conversation about religion and spirituality with one of my roommates.  Somehow or another we got to talking about committing to a path. Here in the West, commitment is very, very scary. I find myself shying away from it in all capacities: I'm single, I'm a freelancer and lately I've been trying to soak up any and all types of spiritual teachings. 

One of my teachers often uses the metaphor of how you can keep digging holes searching for water, but you'll never quench your thirst until you finally commit to digging one giant hole. (She says it much more eloquently than that though) In fact every higher authority in most major religions will tell you that eventually you have to commit. In fact, a lot of them will even admit that it's all the same water coming from the same source.  So why does committing to one path seem so scary?

For the longest time I felt betrayed by my Lutheran upbringing and was just plain not religious, later I started having to admit to the fact that I did believe in some kind of higher power. But who's to say who that is?  The Universe became an easy answer for me. I didn't get that job or so and so broke up with me or I missed the subway by one second only to run into someone I knew on the next train, it was all the Universe trying to tell me something. Then I started telling people that Yoga was my religion, but I don't think even I really understood what I meant by that at the time. 

Today I still say that Yoga is my religion, and I now say it with much more authority and knowledge behind that statement. I am starting to become a lot less scared of commitment too. In fully committing to yoga, I am accepting a lifestyle that has been proven to work for thousands and thousands of years. I choose to dive deeper into discovering the Truth through study, meditation, and self-work. In doing so my life has changed for the good in so many different ways.

I'll admit that I am still digging small holes, asking questions, so afraid to follow something blindly, but I have no doubt in my heart that as I delve deeper into my Yoga practice things will only become clearer and clearer.