"Let go of what's no longer serving you." How many times have you heard a yoga teacher tell you that in a class? Or read it in an article about astrology or meditation? I read it all the time, and I think, yes! I want to let it all go, I want to be free! But recently I, as all the blogs were flying up about this New Moon in Scorpio on 11/11/15, emphasizing death and rebirth and letting go,  I became frustrated. How exactly am I supposed to let this shit go? Sounds good in theory, but I could use a little help in the practical application. 

I love/hate cleaning out my closet, going through all my old stuff and deciding what needs to be thrown out, donated or recycled. It feels really good to get rid of these material objects that I no longer need for some reason. And some are easier than others to trash, having "sentimental value" or old memories attached to them. And for some reason throwing these items out literally makes our bodies and minds feel lighter. (Saucha) Well the same goes for our metaphorical "mental closets" too.

But how do I clean out my mental closet? How am I supposed to trash old thought patterns, emotional scars and bad habits into the bin? Tell me how to let go of something, I'm not even sure I'm holding on to. How can I literally throw out the intangible? Hmm? It can be very aggravating at first, but let's break it down a little.

First of all, baby steps. It's actually not so easy to just get rid of this stuff that you've been storing since childhood, adolescents and even adulthood. We store all these things in our bodies somewhere, and they create dis-ease, or habits, or personality traits and sometimes we have no idea that they're still effecting us. But all these ghosts are still there, and they won't just go away and dissolve unless we learn to let them go. In fact, they often pop up out of no where or when we least expect it, especially as you advance along any type of spiritual path. 


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