Sacred Relationships

I've been thinking about the nature of relationships, well my whole life, but lately with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that just passed through in Libra this weekend, it's really been on my mind.  We did a small journaling exercise in a group I belong to over at The Bhakti Center.  You journal about your day or the last few days, reflecting on all the people that popped into your life.  Then you write a prayer thanking Krsna for bringing that person into your life for whatever reason you seemed to be able to come up with, etc. At least that's the way I've interpreted the exercise. 

As you all may know already I am a huge fan of Ram Dass's teachings.  He says that relationships are like mirrors, just reflecting back to you what you need/want/have to work on. Pema Chodron says a similar idea in her book "Start Where You Are". I absolutely LOVE this concept. 

I truly believe that people come in and out of your life for a reason. Its up to you to examine it though, and realize those reasons yourself. Take a moment today to reflect on all the interactions you had today, big or small, and notice the people who are streaming in and out of your life right now, you might learn something new about yourself. 

Sharon RuedemanComment