A Vision Quest

"Go North," is all I heard and it was getting louder. But where? Why? It's winter and it’s cold up there! I was feeling like it was time to take another road trip, but I was hoping to head south to escape the Northeast winter, and warm up a bit, but...every time I tried to make southern plans, they wouldn’t work out. And everytime I got quiet in meditation or at my alter space to listen about this upcoming trip, I would hear, “Go North.”

So I pulled tarot cards about it, I got the Grandfather (Emperor) card and the Vision Quest (Hanged Man) card and the Lovers card. Ok….this is about building a relationship with my ancestors. This trip was about learning to trust them, and giving up control.

So I grabbed my fellow soul seeker and long time friend and we packed up my car and journeyed North. I’d love to tell you that amazing things happened for us up in Canada, but it was just a fun trip. Nothing too crazy happened up there. All we really got was the gift of time away, some beautifully rare spring-like weather and good bonding time, the kind you can only get by traveling with someone on odd road trips.

On the way home, however, the real adventure began.  We hit an immense Nor’Easter Winter Storm and I panicked.  My friend said she would handle the driving. All I could do was keep calling in spirit to help us, and they did. When we needed a snow plow, two showed up, the Hawks and the Ravens waved us along all through our exit out of North Country, and even though we witnessed a lot of people whose cars had stalled out and needed a tow, my friend just kept driving “through the snow,” as my guides had told us to do. We were divinely protected, guided, and moving with inner vision.

A vision quest isn’t something you decide to go on. It’s something you must surrender to. A vision quest sounds like a lot of fun in theory, and it can be! But most of the time it’s extremely uncomfortable, because you have to give up control.

Most often, when Spirit asks us to do odd things that we don't understand, it's best not to try to rationalize it. Sometimes all it is, is Spirit asking you to trust them, to take a leap with them in this relationship. Like any relationship, the ones you have with your higher self and guides needs time, energy and fluidity, and above all else Trust.

When I returned home to Brooklyn, safe and sound after my journey north, what I found out is that my sacred relationship with my guides and spiritual grandparents has grown immensely. They were asking me to trust them and in return they wanted to give me a gift.  What is that gift? It’s hard to put into words, but I have received a major upgrade to my inner vision and intuition.

What is the gift that we receive when we enter into any scared relationship? The gift of knowing yourself a bit better, the gift of being truly loved for who you are and a solid partner to share the growing pains with.

If you are truly seeking to find your way and your path, then stop fighting it when you hear the call, stop questioning and just listen, pack up the car and go. Sometimes you just need the momentum of travel to get the next phase of your life into motion.




Sharon RuedemanComment