Inner Vision Tarot

The Inner Vision sessions are truly transformative. Using a combination of intuitive guidance and tarot cards we'll work together to answer some of your deepest questions and create the space for healing and transformation.  If you have a strong desire to find more alignment in your life and to be deeply seen, this reading will certainly help you find your footing and feel more encouraged to go forward on your path. Can be done via Skype or in person in Brooklyn.

Inner Fire Breathwork

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again? Do you need a little help moving past emotional roadblocks? 

In this Inner Fire session we'll use breathwork as the main tool. What’s breathwork? I think the best way to describe it is an active meditation. Unlike a sitting practice, this is done laying down but breathing in a consistent rhythm that helps move and release all the old stuff you’ve been holding on to for probably way too long. There’s two parts, breathing/ working part and then the second part is a restorative section where often people get some clarity, a feeling of release and most definitely a peaceful feeling overall. It's the icing on the cupcake, as my teacher says. 

If you're looking for support and a safe space to clear out the cobwebs, and get some real clarity on your anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, whatever is clouding your vision, this is the session for you. Available via Skype or in person in Brooklyn.

Cocoon Energy Healing

Do you need some TLC? I hear ya, we all do. Wether you're nursing a broken heart, suffering from chronic fatigue, high stress, transformation overload or just need a big cosmic hug, this is the session for you. Reiki is the main tool used in cocoon sessions. Get ready to get tucked in and let reiki magic heal your body and mind, in an environment of being truly cared for.  Currently only available in person in Brooklyn. 

Phone Call

If you're not sure where to begin, I offer a complimentary phone call which you can schedule via the button below.